An XL Bling Ring

A story of XL bling and a lot of learning!

10 days ago we had a customer request a special ring made for her, of course this is no problem for us and something that we really enjoy.  It is nice to make something special for a customer and to share their delight and joy when they collect the piece or when we ship it to them.

The customer that I am writing about was from Poland and wore some unusual and large pieces of jewellery and to make something to suit her was no problem. She told us what she would like, discussed the details with Doka and left us with her ring size and these words ‘if I like it I will buy it’.  We discussed a price with her at the start and gave her an approximate price as to be 100% accurate at this stage was a little hard, we did not know how much silver the piece would use or how many hours it would take to complete the ring.

Our Polish lady said she would come back in two days and see how the work was progressing.

Two days later she came back to see us and admired the work in progress and brought herself a beautiful filigree bracelet from our display.

Again we talked about the price of the ring and unfortunately communications broke down a little here, I insisted that the price we had originally quoted ­­was very reasonable for the amount of work that had gone into the ring.  Where she said she did not understand why the bracelet she had just brought would be cheaper than the ring as the bracelet required a lot more work than the ring.  Although this was not the case as the bracelet was a less complex piece that took less hours to make, but she insisted the price for the ring was too high and she has not been back for her ring.

The XL bling ring is finished now and it is a stunning piece as you can see but I am sure it is not to everyone’s taste and I wonder how long it will sit in the store before someone else comes along that will like it?!
It’s a size 14 if you’re interested!


Filigree XL Bling with Coral feature

In hindsight we should have insisted on a deposit for the ring we had been commissioned to make.

What other advice can anyone offer to help with future situations like this?

Your input and suggestions are much appreciated.