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An introduction to Adriatic Jewellery history

The content of this post comes courtesy of the Ethnographic Museum in Split; a second post on jewellery on the Dalmatian Hinterland will follow next week. The area this post relates to is the coastal southern part of Croatia, which offers a Mediterranean climate and Mediterranean cultural influences.  The area being refers to stretches from Istria […]

How we create our stunning filigree balls – part 1

  A question on our facebook page this morning ( prompted me to add descriptions to all the photos in our ‘Action at Seba Dizajn album, something I had been meaning to do for sometime – thanks Bryce for your question. Part way through I realised I was writing a short jewellery making story and […]

Fabulous Friends & Filigree

“A friend is one who walks in when others walk out” -Walter Winchell I have been contemplating what to write that might appeal to our readers; jewellery or something else? To date my ‘something else’ posts have been the most popular so I am going to go with another one of those today and maybe try to alternate jewellery:non […]